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For a short time, I am stepping away from teaching many asana classes. I don't see this as stepping away from yoga. I am preparing to begin a Master's in Conflict Studies and Peacemaking and relishing in a few months of being a yoga student, practicing with my teacher at Pathway Yoga in Ottawa and studying yoga history and philosophy. The more time I spend learning yoga history and philosophy, the more I see how we in the West have a long way to go with recognizing and respecting the depth and roots of yoga. I chalk it up to our own ignorance (mine included) and excitement of the potential this Eastern tradition recognizes. Yoga has come here and been accepted as a response to so many less-than-healthy circumstances. With more depth and knowledge of the history and yoga's shape-shifting evolutions, I believe that the practice will respond to these needs in our socio-political climate more effectively. With the boom of yoga in the West, more and more exceptional resources are popping up and now that I have found so many, I would be amiss to ignore this invaluable information.

I have said for years that yoga 'teaching' or 'practicing' can take many forms other than just asana. Now, I hope to live out that claim in a much more honest, effective, and fulfilling way.


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