This is What I know

I know that in late May

The lilac bushes outside my front door are full of blossoms and bees

My doorstep smells like life, and temporary things, and the man I will one day love

Greedy to become this sweet scent, I was once stung on the corner of my eyelid

I hadn’t noticed the soft buzzing sound that you can hear once you are quiet

Bees only become dangerous when I’m around

I know that a weighty summer breeze is better than most sex

This see-through nothingness makes love in innocence and truth

Sense is heightened, mind is comforted, and it lasts as long as the sun

The wind never forgets how to breathe my body in and out

There’s no before and after

I know there’s a not a big difference between love and forever

I remember just the breath of a lover on my neck, that time just before

In between lovers and the lost, life happens

It rains and we get weighed down with water dripping from the sky

I don’t know where the bees go

From that space between the lilacs and the bees

The midair of bewilderment and rich opportunity

Full of it and fat with possibility 

The suspended breath in between everything 

Where we think there are beginning and ends