Living Practice was created for anyone who has an interest in yoga or any creative activity that helps them pay attention to the world and live a meaningful life.


My name is Jessie Carson. I am a writer, a yoga teacher, and a voracious reader. These are the things that enable me to feel like I'm living a creative life. I am also a mother, which as been my most rewarding yogic endeavour. 

I like old things, which is probably why I love yoga and its philosophy, and stories that get passed on and on and on. My hope is that through Living Practice, I can develop a richer understanding of my place in the world and how I can do my best. Here, I begin to explore and write about the ancient tradition of yoga and its concepts. My interpretations are amateur, but I attempt this with humility.

Each day, I believe it is important to ask How should I live? Our thoughts, our actions, our choices are how we generate the answer. Each small movement in the world can be a prayer to who we are and who we want to become.